Active Senior Adult Programs (ASAP)

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is committed to enhancing the quality of lives of Active Seniors and Adults over the age of 60 by providing recreation and leisure activities to complement your rich and rewarding lifestyle.

Various activities are offered at our recreation centers Monday - Friday, 9am - 2pm. Activities focus on 5 core areas: competition, health / fitness, socialization, special events, and special interests.

Example of ASAP activities: Aerobics, Arts & Crafts, Book Clubs, Bridge, Day Trips,  Dominoes, Fitness and Nutrition Classes, Walking Clubs, Weight Training, Volunteer Opportunities and much more!

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WellMed Charitable Foundation

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department is pleased to inform Dallas residents, ages 60 and older, that Active Senior Adult Program (ASAP) fees are currently waived thanks to our partnership with the WellMed Charitable Foundation (WCF).

In addition to waiving the $10 annual recreation card fee, and the $5 monthly access fee to its 43 recreation centers, WellMed Charitable Foundation has partnered with the Park and Recreation Department to operate a state of the art Senior Activity Center. 

Thank you WellMed Charitable Foundation.

Program Benefits
Participating in recreational activities create positive feelings and reduce stress that may arise from health issues or other concerns. Successfully engaging in activities that require some degree of skill or creativity also fosters a sense of competence, enhancing self-esteem. Organized activities typically enhance social skills through cooperation, competition, or working individually in the company of others. In addition to the social benefits there are a number of cognitive benefits when participating in recreational activities that involve creativity, strategic thinking, or learning new information or skills. Physical benefits include maintenance or enhancement of one’s physical endurance and energy level, range of motion of joints, eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, flexibility and strength.