Summer Camp Scholarships

Applications are accepted between February 1st thru Feb 28th.


The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department provides scholarships for youth ages 5 through 12 to participate in nine weeks of summer camp at one of our Recreation Center Summer Camp Programs. We believe children should be given the opportunity to explore, interact and learn while having fun. 

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

Residents of the City of Dallas may apply for financial assistance.  Approval of the application is made on an individual basis.  Individuals who receive any type of government assistance are automatically eligible for a scholarship. Those that do not receive any type of assistance will be qualified if they fall below the  HUD income limits of “Very Low” using proof of income (check stub or first page of previous year’s tax return). 

What type of information is required for the application?

Complete an online scholarship application. (Found HERE!)
Provide proof of Dallas residency (copy of water, utility, or mortgage statement). 
Proof of participation in another qualified financial assistance program or household income (a recent pay stub from your employer or a copy of the FIRST PAGE of last year’s tax return).

What if I receive financial assistance from another agency?

Proof of current participation in one or more of the following programs: WIC, CHIP, TANF, SNAP or Medicaid confirms eligibility but does not guarantee a scholarship. 

Is there a maximum scholarship amount that can be given?

The financial award from the Dallas Park and Recreation Department will be up to 9 weeks of summer camp for no more than 8 children per family. Scholarships are non-transferable and may only be used for designated recipient. Cash refunds or account credits will not be issued. 

How do I apply for assistance? 

To apply, visit and go to the Projects & Programs tab & click the “Summer Camps for Kids” button. All supporting documentation will need to be uploaded and submitted along with the electronic application. Assistance is available at any City of Dallas Library or Recreation Center.

Applications will be accepted from February 1st thru Feb 28th. Recipients will be notified no later than March 31st. 

Who will be reviewing my application?

Documentation will be collected and reviewed by the Dallas Parks Foundation, an independent 501c3 organization. Eligibility will be determined based on HUD income limits.  

Once approved, how do I register for class?

If approval is granted, the Scholarship Coordinator will contact you to complete your registration.  Registration is not complete until confirmation has been received from Scholarship Coordinator.