Teen Programs

T.O.P.S. - Teens Organized & Prepared for Success

Dallas Park and Recreation Department knows the importance of connecting with teens in our communities. Teens Organized and Prepared for Success offers a variety of great teen programs at various recreation centers across Dallas. Our dedicated team works diligently to create programs specifically geared to the interests of youth ages 13-17. 

Youth will have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, which are as follows:

Workforce Development: We offer workforce readiness through training and coaching, in efforts to prepare teens for employment. We will also offer vocational training that will position our participants to become service providers, and/or entrepreneurs.

Educational: We host college fairs to provide a medium through which youth can meet college recruiters. We will provide an annual college tour to introduce teens to a college experience, while broadening their perspectives. We also offer resources and linkages to GED courses. 

Recreation: Teens will be able to participate in team sports, tournaments, sports leagues, & fine/performing arts. 

Health & Wellness: We offer fitness guidance, as well as guided classes that help to establish focus, promote impulse control, emotional regulation, and develop coping skills.

Finally, our programs are focused on encouraging positive social behaviors such as social confidence, empathy, and improved conflict resolution skills. 

Forest Audelia Boxing Center

Forest - Audelia Boxing Center

This facility is a space dedicated to physical and mental health and wellness for teens. Find more info here!

Teen Tech Center

Teen Tech Center

The Teen Technology Center offers teens a creative space to develop new skills, explore their own ideas, and build confidence in themselves through various forms of technology. Find more info here!

Teen Late Nights

Teen Nights

Several Dallas Recreation Centers offer a time each month for Teens to meet and hang out with friends! Programs and activities are created specificially for youth ages 13-17. 

Find more info here!

Teen Summer Camps

Teen Camps

Teen Camp gives youth ages 13-15 an alternative to just staying home or “hanging out” unsupervised. Find more info HERE!