Rec Center Summer Camps

Dallas Park and Recreation will be offering 9 weeks of recreation center summer camp. Camp start dates will vary dependent on which school district and which Dallas Independent School District (DISD) calendar each center aligns with. Recreation Centers that align with non DISD school districts and DISD Base Schedule will begin on Monday, June 5th, 2023 and end on Friday, August 4th, 2023. Recreation Centers that align with DISD Intersession Schedule will begin on Monday, June 26th and run through Friday, August 4th, 2023. All youth camps will begin at 7:30am and will conclude at 5:30pm, and teen camps will run 10am to 4pm each day.

Registration Information

Registration can be done in person, or online. Online registration closes at 12pm the Friday before the camp week starts. If space is available, registrations after 12pm the Friday before the camp week starts, must be made in person, at the recreation center providing the camp. First come, first served. Please contact your recreation center to check for availability.

Find more info regarding registration here.

Youth Locations (Ages *5yrs - 12yrs )

 (*5yrs as of 9/1/22)

$65 per week (Dallas Residents) / $75 Non Dallas Residents 

June 5 - August 4

Anita Martinez - 75212FULL
Arcadia Park -  75211Space Available
Arlington Park - 75235Space Available
Bachman - 75220FULL
Beckley Saner - 75224Space Available
Campbell Green - 75230FULL
Churchill - 75230FULL
Eloise Lundy - 75203Space Available
Exall - 75204Space Available
Fireside - 75217Space Available
Fretz - 75240FULL
Grauwyler - 75235Limited Space Available
Harry Stone - 75228Limited Space Available
Janie C. Turner - 75217CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center - FULL
Juanita J. Craft - 75210Space Available
Kidd Springs - 75208FULL
Kiest - 75224Limited Space Available
Kleberg Rylie - 75253Limited Space Available
Lake Highlands - 75238FULL
Larry Johnson - 75210CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center - Full
Marcus - 75229CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center - Full
Martin Luther King Jr. - 75215Space Available
Martin Weiss - 75211Limited Space Available
Nash Davis - 75212Space Available
Park in the Woods - 75249Limited Space Available
Pleasant Oaks - 75227Limited Space Available
Reverchon - 75219Limited Space Available
Ridgewood - 75214FULL
Thurgood Marshall - 75232CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center
Timberglen - 75287Space Available
Walnut Hill - 75229FULL
Willie B Johnson - 75243CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center

June 26 - August 4

Exline - 75215Space Available
Forest Audelia Boxing Gym - 75243Space Available
Hiawatha Williams (Cummings) - 75216CDBG Site - Contact the recreation center - Full
Jaycee Zaragoza - 75212Space Available
John C. Phelps - 75216Space Available
K.B. Polk - 75209Space Available
Samuell Grand - 75223FULL
Singing Hills - 75241Space Available
Tommie Allen - 75241Space Available

updated 5/16/2023

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Teen Locations - Ages 13yrs - 17yrs    /  FREE     - TBA

Find more info on Teen Camps HERE!


Your child will be engaged in a structured and safe environment that provides a variety of physical and educational activities. Activities include arts and craft classes, sports clinics, fitness sessions, cultural and enrichment classes, games, and much more.

Program Benefits

Our camps provide opportunities for children to disconnect from technology and become more physically active. Campers experience success and become more confident by participating in team and individual activities and develop a life skill and interest in something they had little to no experience in. In addition, our campers become more independent by learning to do things on their own all while improving their social skills and making lasting friendships.