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John C. Phelps Recreation Center

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  1. Baseball Field
  2. Fitness Center
  3. Gymnasium
  4. Kitchen
  5. Large Meeting / Program Room(s)
  6. Outdoor Basketball Court
  7. Parking
  8. Playground
  9. Small Meeting / Program Room(s)
  10. Tennis Court

John C. Phelps Recreation Center located in South Oak Cliff is easily accessible from I-45 & Illinois/Overton. In 1978 the Magna Vista Recreation Center was constructed deriving the building's name from the neighborhoods. This facility was renamed the John C. Phelps recreation center in 1986 due to Mr. Phelps service a one of the founders of the Black Chamber of Commerce. John C. Phelps Recreation Center offers a wide variety of activities for all ages including cheerleading, youth dance instruction, after school program, adult fitness classes and senior activities. The John C. Phelps state of the art Fitness Center is the best kept secret in  South Oak cliff with a low monthly membership rate with no contracts. The John C. Phelps Park is complete with athletic fields, a newly renovated playground, tennis courts, walking trail and a large shaded picnic area.


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