Etiquette & Emergency System

Trail Etiquette

  • Be courteous to other trail users at all times.
  • Keep to the right, except when passing. When paths are crowded; slow down and always yield to pedestrians and slower moving traffic.
  • Always pass on the left, and give a clear audible warning when passing slower traffic, such as, “passing on your left!”.
  • Cross carefully. Always look both ways and yield to through-traffic. Pedestrians have the right of way but need to exercise caution and be aware of the stopping limitations of cyclists and skaters.
  • Cyclists should always ride at a safe speed, never ride on paths intended exclusively for walking or jogging, and use trails instead of roadways where appropriate. Slow down / form a single line in congested conditions, reduced visibility, or other hazardous conditions.
  • Avoid congregating on the trail itself. This blocks other users and may result in collisions.
  • Always look both ways and yield to through-traffic when crossing a roadway. Obey all traffic signs and signals.
  • Pedestrians should avoid walking more than two abreast. Doing so takes up a lot of space and limits the ability of other users to pass safely. Form a single line in congested areas or when other users are trying to pass.
  • Teach your children they must share the trail. Parents with small children should prevent their children from running into the path of trail traffic, especially cyclists who may not be able to slow down.
  • Pet owners should keep dogs on leash at all times and remove pet droppings from the trail.

Trail Emergency System

Trail Safety Sign
  • To improve trail safety, the City of Dallas has a trail marker system that will aid first responders in the event of an emergency.
  • Sign posts, with a unique location identifier, are placed approximately every 1/8 mile to ensure trail users are never far from an emergency marker. Emergency response teams will now know exactly where on the trail they need to respond and how to best access that locations.
  • If you should need assistance while using a trail, find the nearest marker, dial 911, and tell the operator the locator number listed on the sign.