Neighborhood Trails

Neighborhood trails are designed to activate a park for leisure enjoyment of the natural surroundings. These trails may be linear or loop, less than a mile in length and no more than 8 feet wide, these trails are typically located wholly within the park's boundaries. Search for the trails feature in our parks listing to find neighborhood trails in a park near you.
Alta Mesa Park Trail2905 Alta Mesa0.74
Arlington Park Trail1505 Record Crossing0.16
B.B. Owen Park Trail10700 Walnut Hill0.09
Barry H. Barker Park Trail3721 Briargrove0.06
Benito Juarez Park Trail3352 North Winnetka0.50
Bent Tree Meadow Park Trail4302 Creekmeadow Drive0.25
Bentwood Park Trail6011 Bentwood Trail0.20
Bert Fields14200 Hughes0.74
Bickers Park Trail1400 Bickers0.26
Bisbee Parkway Park Trail3100-3600 Bisbee Dr.0.19
Bishop Flores Park Trail2200 Talleyho0.18
Campbell Green16600 Hillcrest0.39
Cole Park Trail4000 McKinney0.52
Coombs Creek Trail Phase VIMoss Park to Jefferson Blvd0.92
Cottonwood Park Trail8500 Midpark Road0.28
Cox Lane Park Trail3805 Royal Lane0.09
Craddock Park Trail4600 Lemmon0.40
Crow Lake TrailWithin Trinity River Levees at Sylvan0.56
Cummings Park Trail2976 Cummings0.22
Emerald Lake6102 Mountain Creek Parkway0.53
Everglade Park Trail5100 Jim Miller Road0.68
Exall Park Trail3500 Live Oak0.92
Ferguson Park Trail1900 Gross Road0.33
Fireside8600 Fireside0.65
Forest Park Trail2906 Parnell0.20
Fox HollowEagle Ford Drive0.36
Frankford18400 Hillcrest Road0.26
Fretz Park Trail6994 Beltline Road0.38
Friendship Park Trail12700 Hornbeam0.11
Garrett Park Trail1506 Garrett Avenue0.36
Gateway Park Trail2400 Jim Miller Rd0.40
Gateway Park Trail2161 Dowdy Ferry0.58
Glencoe Park Trail5300 Martel0.48
Grauwlyer Park Trail7500 Harry Hines Boulevard0.70
Harry Stone Park Trail2403 Millmar0.53
Herndon Park Trail400 East Woodin0.32
J.j. Craft Park Trail4500 Spring Avenue0.61
J.j. Lemmon Park Trail6100 J.J. Lemmon0.56
Jaycee Zaragoza Park Trail3114 Clymer0.48
Katie Jackson Park Trail4900 Haverwood0.42
Katy Trail Ramp Connection3505 Maple0.22
Kidd Springs Park Trail700 W. Canty Street0.35
Kimble2215 Warren0.16
Kiowa Park Trail6600 Arapaho0.13
Kiowa Parkway15200 Woodbriar0.49
Kleberg Park Trail1515 Edd Rd.0.30
Lake Cliff Park Trail300 East Colorado Boulevard0.28
Lakeland Hills Trail2600 St. Francis0.50
Lindsley Park Trail7100 Lindsley Avenue0.64
Marcus3003 Northaven Road0.39
Martin Weiss3400 West Clarendon0.56
Meadowstone Trail2700 Meadowstone0.37
Moss Glen Park Trail5200 Bentwood Trail0.40
Moss Park Trail2600 Sunset St.0.14
Netherland5600 Dittmar0.24
Oak Cliff Founders300 East Colorado Boulevard0.49
Old East Dallas Work Yard Park Trail4900 Alton0.35
Old Renner6725 Winding Rose Trail0.27
Opportunity Park Trail3105 Pine0.56
Overlake Park Trail9801 Overlake0.20
Owenwood Park Trail3100 Fairview0.08
Pagewood Park Trail10700 Boedecker0.28
Parkdale6000 Military Parkway0.56
Pegasus Park Trail3000 Pegasus Park Dr.0.42
Pemberton Hill Park Trail6424 Elam Rd.0.68
Peter Pan Park Trail3802 Echobrook0.10
Preston Hollow Park Trail6600 Park Lane0.54
Rochester3000 Rochester0.90
Rose Haggar Park Trail18100 Campbell Rd.0.12
Salado Park Trail16401 Salado0.38
Samuell-east (farm) Park TrailHighway 80 at Belt Line Rd.0.71
Samuell-grand Park Trail6200 East Grand0.67
Sand Springs Park Trail10243 Hillhouse Ln.0.11
Singing Hills1919 Crouch0.21
Tietze Park Trail2700 Skillman St0.51
Timberglen TrailTimberglen Park0.88
Tommie Allen7071 Bonnie View0.50
Twin Falls Park Trail6300 South Polk0.44
Umphress Park Trail7700 Umphress0.48
Urbandale Park Trail7400 Ireland0.28