Loop Trails

Major loop trails are typically located wholly within metropolitan, regional, and community parks. These trails provide multiple recreation and exercise opportunities while linking major amenities within the park.
Bachman Lake Park Trail
Routing primarily along the shoreline of Bachman Lake in northwest Dallas, the 3.5 mile Bachman Lake Park Loop Trail links the Bachman Therapeutic Center, a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) picnic shelter, several exercise stations and the Bachman Greenbelt.  Located immediately north of Love Field Airport, planes frequently fly over the park on their approach providing great opportunities to watch aircraft.
Bachman Lake Park Trail Map
Crawford Memorial Trail
The 2 mile Crawford Memorial Park Loop Trail, located completely within Crawford Memorial Park in southeast Dallas, links soccer fields, baseball fields, picnic areas, a playground and diverse natural areas within the park.
Crawford Park Trail Map

Glendale Park Trail

The 1.5 mile Glendale Park Loop Trail is located within Glendale Park in southern Dallas.  The trail is actually two loops, one on either side of Five Mile Creek.  Within the park, the trail connects a playground, picnic areas and tennis courts.
Glendale Park Trail Map
Kiest Park Trail
Located in the Oak Cliff area of southwest Dallas, the 2.8 mile Kiest Park Loop Trail meanders through the 264-acre Kiest Park, connecting playgrounds, athletic fields, formal gardens, natural areas, a recreation center and a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) era picnic area.
Kiest Park Trail Map
White Rock Lake Park Trail
The 9.4 mile White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail, located along the scenic shoreline of White Rock Lake, is the City’s most popular trail.  The trail links many of the historic features of White Rock Lake Park including several Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) era picnic structures and reservation facilities. The trail also links the Mockingbird Point Dog Park, several playgrounds, parking areas and the White Rock Creek Greenbelt Trail.
White Rock Lake Trail Map