Park and Recreation Board

Established by the City Charter, the Dallas Park and Recreation Board has oversight of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.  The 15 members of this policy making board are appointed and approved by the Mayor and Dallas City Council. 
Arun Agarwal
Arun Agarwal
Priscilla Rice

Priscilla Rice

Vice President
Council District 5

Huerta JR 2022

JR Huerta

Council District 1 
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Appointed by Council Member Chad West

Mondell Fonya 2022

Fonya Naomi Mondell

Council District 2

Appointed by Council Member Jesse Moreno


Vana Hammond

Council District 3
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Appointed by Zarin D. Gracey

Harrison Blair

Harrison Blair

Council District 4

Dickey Timothy 2022

Timothy W. Dickey

Council District 6 

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Appointed by Omar Narvaez

Wood Daniel 2022
Bo Slaughter

Daniel Wood

Council District 7
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Appointed by Council Member Adam Bazaldua

Bo Slaughter

Council District 8
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Appointed by Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins

Hasbany Maria 2022

Maria Hasbany

Council District 9

Appointed by Council Member Paula Blackmon

Scott Goldstein

Scott Goldstein

Council District 10 
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Appointed by Council Member Kathy Stewart


Jeff Kitner

Council District 11  
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Appointed by Council Member Jaynie Schultz
Lane Conner

Lane Conner

Council District 12

Collins-Brat Calvert 2022
Karimi Rudy 2022

Calvert Collins-Bratton

Council District 13
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Appointed by Council Member Gay Donnell Willis

Rudy Karimi

Council District 14