Design Standards

Park and Recreation Design Standards

  1. Dallas Park Department Standard Park Construction Details
  2. A-1 Concrete Trail Detail
  3. A-2 Doweled Expansion and Control Joint
  4. A-3 Undercut Header Detail
  5. A-4 Longitudinal Butt Joint Detail
  6. A-5 Brick Paver Detail
  7. A-6 Trail Ramp Details
  8. A-7 Trail Ramp Section and Removable Bollard Detail
  9. A-8 Accessible Parking Area Striping and Ramp Detail ABUTTING SIDEWALK
  10. A-9 Accessible Parking Area Striping and Ramp Detail ABUTTING TURF
  11. A-10 Accessible Ramp Plan
  12. A-11 Accessible Parking Signage Detail
  13. A-12 Solid Molded Plastic Wheel Stop Detail
  14. A-13 Typical Stair Details
  15. A-14 Stabilized Construction Entrance
  16. A-15 Silt Fence Details
  17. A-16 Silt Sock Details
  18. A-17 Parking Lot Details
  19. A-18 Parking Lot Details
  20. A-19 Sidewalk Connection at Existing Sidewalk
  21. B-1 Drinking Fountain Detail
  22. B-2 Accessible Picnic Table Details
  23. B-3 Accessible Picnic Table Plan
  24. B-4 Typical Litter Receptacle Detail
  25. B-5 Typical Bench Details
  26. B-6 Bleacher Pad Layout Plan
  27. B-7 Typical Grill Details
  28. B-8 Park Shelter Slab Edge Detail
  29. B-9 Typical Park Shelter Spread Footing Detail
  30. B-10 Shelter Pier Foundation Detail
  31. B-11 Enclosure Details
  32. B-12 Enclosure Details
  33. C-1 Concrete Playground Edge Detail
  34. C-2 Monolithic Playground Edge and Sidewalk
  35. C-3 Playground Drain Details
  36. C-4 Playground Drain Cleanout Details
  37. C-5 Playground Curb Ramp Details
  38. C-6 Playground Curb Ramp Details
  39. D-1 Adult Soccer Field Layout
  40. D-2 Youth Soccer Field Layout
  41. D-3 Soccer Goal Details
  42. D-4 Football Goal Post Details
  43. D-5 Tennis Court Plan
  44. D-6 Tennis Court Fence Elevation
  1. D-7 Tennis Court Net Post Detail
  2. D-8 Tennis Court Elevation at Enclosure Gate
  3. D-9 Basketball Court Layout
  4. D-10 Basketball Court Beam Details
  5. D-11 Basketball Goal Post Footing and Goal Assembly Details
  6. D-12 Backstop Layout and Details
  7. D-13 Backstop Layout
  8. D-14 Area Light Standard Base Section Paved Area
  9. D-15 Area Light Standard Base Section Turf Area
  10. D-16 Sand Volleyball Court Layout Plan
  11. D-17 Sand Volleyball Court Details
  12. E-1 Wood Bollard Section
  13. E-2 Sidewalk Ramp with Handrails Section
  14. E-3 Chainlink Fence Detail
  15. E-4 Typical Chainlink Fence Details
  16. E-5 Chainlink Gate Detail
  17. E-6 Veneered Cast In Place Concrete Retaining Wall Detail
  18. E-7 Dovetail Masonry Anchor Detail
  19. E-8 Tubular Steel Fence Details
  20. E-9 Concrete Mow Strip Detail
  21. E-10 Stone Retaining Wall Detail
  22. E-11 Dumpster Enclosure Plan and Bollard Section
  23. E-12 Dumpster Screen Wall Plan View
  24. E-13 Dumpster Enclosure Gate Elevation
  25. E-14 Dumpster Enclosure Side Elevation
  26. E-15 Handrail Strap Detail
  27. F-1 Tree protection Detail
  28. F-2 Tree Planting Detail
  29. F-3 Ornamental Tree Planting Detail
  30. F-4 Groundcover Detail
  31. F-5 Pocket Planting Shrub Detail
  32. F-6 Double Check Valve (In Box) Detail
  33. F-7 Irrigation Electric Valve Detail
  34. F-8 Isolation Valve Detail
  35. F-9 Irrigation Trench Detail
  36. F-10 Pop Up Sprays with Flex Pipe Assembly Detail
  37. F-11 Gear Driven Rotors with Swing Joints
  38. F-12 Pedestal Mounted Controller Detail
  39. F-13 Quick Coupling Valve Detail
  40. F-14 Tree Bubbler Detail
  41. F-15 Drip Irrigation Details
  42. G-1 Cover Sheet
  43. G-2 Plan Sheet
  44. S-SERIES (1-27)