Dallas Park Rangers

Park Rangers Badge
The Dallas Park Rangers are a new addition to the Park Department. They visit all parkland daily. Currently your Park Rangers have branded vehicles and uniforms and observe activities.

During the day, they can be reached at 214-670-6840.

For emergencies please call 911 immediately. 


To support the department mission by providing efficient and effective services to park visitors that embody public safety and security, while fostering environmental stewardship

Ranger Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Park Visit

Tip 1 (Be Prepared)
Before visiting a park or trail, be prepared and access information via our website. 

Tip 2 (Be Aware)
It is best practice to never hike, walk, or exercise alone when visiting Dallas Parks or Trails but if you do so please be aware your surroundings. Remember that hiking or walking with a partner is recommended.

Tip 3 (Give a care)
While visiting the beautiful parks and trails of Dallas, be mindful that feeding wildlife is not permitted and considered a park rule violation.  Feeding wildlife tends to cause many problems including:

  • Wildlife that learns to depend on food source from the public may become more aggressive.
  •  It’s not healthy for wildlife to eat bread or food,
  • Wildlife, especially birds fed in concentrated areas greatly increase the chances of disease causing   park visitors sick. So, give a care and chose not to feed wildlife in parks, the wildlife will benefit much more from not feeding them.

Tip 4 (Habitat is Home)
Please always remember that just as we as humans enjoy visiting parks, that wildlife enjoy the parks and trails as well, in fact, they call the parks home. The habitat that parks make up is home to a variety of wildlife, such as birds, squirrels, rabbits, snakes, and coyotes. Each animal helps to balance the ecology, and ecological health of the park.  Making sure not to litter, leave trash or items behind is a great help to the health of the park and to the health of wildlife. Don’t trash your Dallas Parks or Trails.

Tip 5 (Weather or Not)
Plan ahead; before you head out into the park or trails, be sure to dress accordingly. May it be heat, or may it be cold, dress the part to be comfortable and to enjoy your entire visit. Sunscreen and water during the summer heat should be a must, and a nice jacket, long pants and gloves for winter goes along way. Being dressed appropriate for each season will make your time in Dallas Parks that much better.

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