Park & Trail Safety

Safety is our top priority. Dallas Park and Recreation has dedicated Park Rangers who work diligently with the Dallas Police Department to ensure the City’s park system is safe for all citizens. 

Please follow these safety tips when visiting our parks and trails:
  • Always have a travel buddy
  • If you are on a trail or in a park, tell someone where you are and look for our trail markers along your route
  • Do not work out alone
  • Advise someone of your workout times and route taken and check in with them when finished
  • Do not workout in deserted or dark areas
  • Have several different routes and rotate them 
  • Check your workout route before you start
  • Get to know the neighborhood of your workout routes
  • Avoid bushes, doorways, and alleys during your workout
  • Plan safe locations on your route, well-populated areas where you can go to for help 
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash or jewelry
  • Carry a whistle or some type of noise-making device 
  • Stay alert and scan the area in front of you and avoid person(s) or situations that make you feel uneasy
  • Refrain from using earbuds or headphones that limit your ability to hear your surroundings
  • Every now and then during your workout check the area behind you
  • Be careful when people stop you for directions, always reply from a distance, and never get too close to a vehicle
  • If you think someone is following, change directions or go to your safe location
  • Carry a cellular phone when possible
  • Report suspicious persons or incidents to the police as soon as possible
  • Know the phone numbers to police and have them available
  • Know your location and make note of the 911 Pole Markers to assist first responders in finding you expeditiously