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Planning & Design Project Form

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  2. Planning & Design Project Form


    Marketing & Communications Project and Media Request Guidelines

    Please use this form to inform the Marketing and Communications (MAC) team of upcoming Parks / Facility Renovations / Planning & Design projects that you will be overseeing. 

    When submitting a project request, please provide all information requested on the project request form. This information will eliminate delays and improve the overall end product of your deliverable(s). The MAC team will help manage the project to ensure overall brand consistency and timeliness. Some projects may also require support from the requesting division. When requesting a new project, please be prepared to share any photos and/or graphics you want included in the project. The MAC team is here to maximize exposure of our brand messages and maintain brand consistency, therefor, the MAC team will assist in recommending proper distribution for projects. Any costs incurred for marketing requests (such as radio ads) will be charged back to the requesting division.


    We understand, sometimes “rush jobs” come up. However, out of courtesy for those creating the projects and for those following the lead time to request projects, please plan ahead for annual events and other anticipated needs. When you start planning an event, new program or anything newsworthy, that’s the time to talk to the MAC team to get promotion ideas started.

    ***FOR REQUESTS WITH LESS THAN 48 HOURS TURNAROUND, the MAC team will try to accommodate rush jobs. In the instance that we cannot, we can recommend the appropriate outsourcing method. Please note, if costs are incurred for rush jobs that have to be outsourced, those costs will be incurred by the requesting division. 


    If you have any questions about the MAC Assistance Form or guidelines please email

    Thank you!

    Marketing & Communications Team

  3. Project Manager Info
  4. Project Description
  5. Please list an estimated start and end date for the project. It is understood that this date is fluid and will potentially change. 

  6. Briefly describe the project (ie - Building Renovation, new park construction, park masterplan, etc.)

  7. List any contractors, architects, design consultants, etc that are involved in this project. 

  8. Please list the expected outcome of the project (ie Rec renovation - updated lighting, new floor, paint;  Playground construction - new play features, walking trail, etc)

  9. What sets this project apart from other projects?

  10. Please list how this project is being funded. Include all public and private entities. 

  11. Will this project be listed with the procurement office? *
  12. (RFP, RFQ, RFCSP, etc)

  13. Please insert the link to the bonfire portal. 

  14. Marketing Needs
  15. Indicate the communication / marketing services you would like to request. *

    Check all that apply.

  16. Please attach the flyer or pictures needed to promote the project. Please make sure that the attachment is in JPEG format.

  17. Media Inquiries
  18. Have you pursued contact with media outlets?*
  19. Who did you contact?

  20. Have you recieved a media inquiry? *
  21. Online, Print, Radio, TV, Other (please specify)

  22. Reporter, Editor, News Director, Producer, Promotions, Marketing, etc.

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