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White Rock Lake


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WRL Dam Maint. Project Notification Letter - Nov_2020_v2_map_Page_1

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  1. Amphitheater
  2. Baseball Field
  3. Boat Dock
  4. Boat Ramp
  5. Cultural Center
  6. Dog Park
  7. Drinking Fountain
  8. Fishing
  9. Garden Areas
  10. Grill
  11. Lake / Pond
  12. Marina / Boat House
  13. Outdoor Restroom
  14. Parking
  15. Picnic Areas
  16. Picnic Pavilion
  17. Picnic Tables
  18. Pier
  19. Playground
  20. Pool
  21. Portalets
  22. Public Art
  23. Reservation Facility
  24. Sculpture Areas
  25. Tennis Court
  26. Trails
White Rock Lake is a 757.2 acre metropolitan park, established in 1929.

To: Property Owners, Residents, Patrons and Businesses in the Construction Project Area

The City of Dallas Water Utilities has awarded the WRL Dam Maintenance Project, Contract No. 20-133, to Rebcon Inc. (972-444-8230 or 214-316-3598). The contractor is scheduled to mobilize equipment and resources to the area during the week of November 16, 2020, with an anticipated construction completion date of Summer 2022, weather permitting. The schedule is subject to change, pending adverse weather conditions, which normally delay construction activities.
The WRL Dam Maintenance Project is part of on-going maintenance that includes dam and spillway concrete repairs, slope stabilization improvements, and vegetation management within the footprint of the dam. As safety is a top priority, there will be no public access allowed in construction areas including the old fish hatchery.
White Rock Lake patrons are advised not to enter the construction zone and follow all signage.
During construction activities beginning in early December 2020, signs will be posted indicating portions of trails that will be closed and rerouted to open trails. Trail users going south on the White Rock Lake Trail can merge over and continue South on the Santa Fe Trail. Patrons going south on the So Pac Trail can continue south on the Santa Fe Trail. Patrons accessing the Winsted Parking Lot, or North from the White Rock Lake Trail, can
continue the loop and merge over to the Santa Fe Trail. Please see trail detour map on the reverse side.
Please be assured that the City of Dallas will make every effort to minimize the disruption to White Rock Lake.
However, there may be some inconvenience to you as the construction work occurs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Please retain this letter for your reference during construction. If you have any questions please contact Estela Ornelas, Sr. Public Affairs Officer at 214-671-9554 or For additional information on the WRL Dam Maintenance Project please visit the White Rock Lake webpage on
If you need further information, please feel free to contact me at 214-670-4271.