What is the Park and Recreation's photo usage policy?
By accessing our facilities or participating in our programs you expressly give and grant to the City of Dallas (hereafter referred to as “CITY”) the unqualified right, privilege, and permission to reproduce, publish, and circulate in every manner or form (including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the internet) video tapes, films, photographs, transparencies, and other images and likenesses of you, your child(ren), family, and/or property and audio recordings of your and their voices (collectively referred to as “video and audio recordings”), and you hereby grant, assign and transfer to the CITY all rights and interest therein at no charge. You specifically authorize and empower the CITY to cause any such video and audio recordings, to be copyrighted or in any other manner to be legally registered in the name of the CITY. You, for yourself, your family, your child(ren), your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release, and discharge the CITY from any and all claims of any kind due to the use of such video and audio recordings, including all claims for damages or injunctive relief for libel, slander and invasion of the right of privacy.

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