Northaven Trail

The Northaven Trail, when completed, will be an important recreational and alternative transportation amenity in north Dallas. The trail, when completed, will connect to the White Rock Creek Trail and future SoPac Trail on the east to the future Elmfork Greenbelt Trail on the west. Running east-west across north Dallas, the trail will add significant parkland to an area of Dallas which has few parks and open spaces.

The Northaven Trail was envisioned in the 2003 Dallas Trail Network Plan and subsequently updated in 2008 to be an important trail in what we are calling the Dallas Integrated Trail Circuit. The Dallas Integrated Trail Circuit consists of the major trails in the Trail Network Plan which, when completed, will bring connectivity to the majority of the City's trails. Just as the interstate highway system provides for easy travel anywhere in the country the Dallas Integrated Trail Circuit will provide for access to much of our parks, minor trails, and Dallas. The Northaven Trail is an important part of that network.

In 2013 the Park and Recreation Department completed Phase I of the trail, from Valleydale Dr (just west of US-75 (Central Expressway in the east)) to Preston Rd in the west.

On November 7, 2011 the Park and Recreation Board and City Council authorized an agreement (Council Resolution 11-2977) with Dallas County to create a master plan for Phase II of the Northaven Trail (Preston Rd in the east to the Walnut Hill/Denton DART Station in the west). The Phase II Master Plan was approved by the Park and Recreation Board on December 11, 2014.

With construction of Phase I completed we are now working with Dallas County on construction drawings for completing Phase II. We have also begun construction drawings for the connection of the Northaven Trail from Valleydale Dr east over US 75 connecting to the White Rock Creek Trail and the future So Pac Trail. Renderings of the preliminary concept for the flyover of the Northaven Trail were created in late 2012. Design for this section is funded and we are working on funding for construction. 

The most current trail alignment for the Northaven Trail Alignment was completed in March of 2016. We are currently working with Oncor license holders within the eastern portion of the Phase II corridor (Preston Rd to Midway Rd) to finalize the trail alignment for this section of Phase II. 30% construction drawings will then be complete. Construction is expected to begin in late 2017 for Phase II.