The Boulder mountain bike trail (12 miles) is located north of Duncanville, at the SW corner of Hwy 67 & Red Bird Lane. 

This is a beginner to advanced trail with over 12 miles consisting of fields, lots of woods, rocky sections, creek crossings, several climbs and twists. 

The Boulder Trail is the product of a partnership between the City of Dallas and DORBA. Follow RED for the entire Boulder experience; all the hills, rocky descents, dips, and wet creek crossings. Following the BLUE bypasses the harder stuff, mostly friendly enough for the whole family.


  •Loop A - main loop, begins and ends at trail head - red & blue

•Loop B - northeast corner - red & blue

•Loop C - north side, west of section B - red only

•Loop D - southeast corner, at south end of levee - red only

•Loop E - south side (behind Concord Church) - red 

•Cash Extension - Northwest section. Splits off of C Loop - red

This is a multi-use trail so please be considerate of all other trail users.

Trail Steward
Allen Powell, DORBA