Harry S Moss

The Harry S Moss Park mountain bike trail (5.46 miles) is located along the bank of the White Rock Creek and buffers Greenville Avenue, Royal Lane and Walnut Hill.

This is a beginner to intermediate trail with nearly six miles of mostly bench-cut single track to ride. The trail at Harry S Moss Park has very similar terrain to both Rowlett Creek Preserve and Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, but with more “human elements” incorporated into the basic flow of the trail. Things like cement and brick to reinforce areas, wooden beams to build beams and several wooden bridges.
The Harry S Moss Park Trail is the product of a partnership between the City of Dallas and DORBA. As of November 2010 construction of the off-road bike trail began. It is 5.46 miles long. Harry Moss Park Trail is currently comprised of five connected loops:
Harry S. Moss Trail Map
Blue Loop 6,330 Ft. = 1.20 Miles
Yellow By-Pass 1,295 Ft. = .24 Mile
Green Loop 5555 Ft. = 1.05 Mile
Purple Loop 8,127 Ft. = 1.54 Miles
Red Loop Under Construction
Black Loop 808 Ft. = .15 Mile
Orange Loop 8,718 Ft. = 1.65 Miles
White Tot Loop 135 Ft. = .025 Miles

By-Pass Signs - Easier Route to by-pass an Obstacle

Option Signs - Harder Routes
All trails are mostly in the trees, providing for some tight and twisting areas with some long flowing areas, dips, dirt mounds, tree gates, seven wooden bridges, and some short hills. A number of areas of the trail come close to the edge of White Rock Creek, making for a very pleasant environment. This is a multi-use trail so please be considerate of all other trail users.