Park Pavilions

In 2002, there were 107 pavilions distributed throughout Dallas’s 365 parks.  The inventory included historic pavilions from the 1920s and 1930s, the prototypical concrete “T” beam pavilions built during the 1960s, and site-adapted catalog pavilions.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department completed a long-range strategic plan—A Renaissance Plan—in 2002, followed by the successful passage of a bond referendum in 2003 that provided the largest single amount for park capital development in the city’s history – over $100 million.  This bond program also included a generous allocation for 23 replacement or new picnic pavilions throughout the city.  Each of these was assigned to an architect with a record of design excellence, who was given a straightforward program: the pavilion should be durable and easy to maintain; it should be contextual within the surrounding community and embraced by the neighborhood; it should be functional; and most importantly, it should be safe.  The replacement program was so successful that another nine pavilions were included in the 2006 bond referendum.
  1. Signature Pavilions
  2. Historic Pavilions

J. W. Ray Park (1996)
Lindsley Park (1998)
Deerpath Park (2001)
Tipton Park n(2003)
Dallas Arboretum (2003)
Ridgewood Park (2006)
Randall Park (2007)
Churchill Park (2007)
Casa View Park (2007)
Opportunity Park (2007)
Martin Weiss Park (2008)
Bel‐Aire Park (2008)
Valley View Park (2008)
St. Augustine Park (2008)
Trinity Overlook (2008)
Lake Highlands North Park (2009)
Hattie Moore Park (2009)
Ferguson Park (2009)
Pecan Grove Park (2009)
Rose Haggar Park (2009)
Main Street Garden (2010)
Beverly Hills Park (2010)
Brownwood Park (2011)
Lakewood Park (2011)
Cotillion Park (2011)
Royal Park (2011)
Danieldale Park (2011)
College Park (2013
Umphress Park (2011)
NorthBark Dog Park (2012)
Webb Chapel Park (2012)
Westmoreland Park (2012)
Moore Park (2013)
Lakeland Hills Park (Pending)
Kidd Springs Park (Under Construction)
McCree Park (Under Construction)
Casa Linda Park (Under Construction)
Glencoe Park (Under Construction)