Bachman Lake

Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation Project 

The Bachman Lake Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation project will ensure dam safety, minimize flood risk, and provide regulatory compliance. In addition, dredging maintenance improvements will help revitalize the lake, improve water quality and allow residents to enjoy the lake for years to come. The dredging project started in July 2019 and was completed in April 2023. Improvements to the lake dam embankment and spillway structures will begin in late 2023 with expected completion by December 2025. To learn more about the project timeline, construction activities and trail detours, please visit the project website at

Bachman Lake is a 205-acre city lake, located in northwest Dallas on the north side of Love Field Airport. Featured amenities include a 5k hike and bike trail (3.08 miles), picnic areas, a pavilion, boating, Bachman Recreation Center and indoor aquatic center.
Landscape& Features
  • Plenty of water fountains and benches are available, and a restroom facility is on the south side.
  • This trail is paved with a mixture of concrete and asphalt and runs through park land around Bachman Lake.
  • There is an exercise circuit with 16 stations positioned along the trail.
  • As the trail meanders along the northern bank, you may see various species of geese and ducks, a grove of bald cypress trees, or sculling on the lake.
  • The southern bank of the lake offers a close-up view of airplanes landing at and taking off from Love Field Airport.

Bachman Skate Park

Take a look at the design for the future Skate Park at Bachman Lake!

Two questions from the 12/3/22 public meeting that were not answered due to time constraints have been answered below:  

1. Can you talk about the history of the clown Ramp and Skateboarding in Dallas?,from%20all%20over%20the%20world.

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Auby Taylor

A brief history of the Clown Ramp & AUBY clown part !!

2. Can you talk about what makes this park different from other parks in the DFW area?

Two public input meetings were held along with working Skate Parks for Dallas to ensure that a passive park was designed with the users in mind, while placing the skate park on the site in a way to keep it as natural as possible within the canopy trees and providing multiple access points.  The design is linear with 5 separate areas within the park for users to perform their discipline at every level.