Master Plans

The Park and Recreation Department maintains numerous master plans for projects throughout the City of Dallas.  The Dallas Park and Recreation Department Master Plans represent a comprehensive vision develop by citizens, businesses, city officials, and the Park Board for certain projects. The master plans listed on this page are some of the more prominent studies overseen by the Park Board and the Park and Recreation Department. Once adopted, plans further evolve, meaning that not all proposed actions in plans are implemented.

Citywide Plans

One of the most comprehensive urban park studies ever commissioned, the Renaissance Plan marks a commitment to reestablishing Dallas as a premier park system in the country. The vision is for Dallas to be recognized by residents and visitors as a city with a great park system.

Renaissance Plan

The 2012 Aquatic Facilities Master Plan was developed to determine the feasibility of developing a system of new more economically sustainable family aquatic centers located throughout the City so as to provide an equal level of service for all residents.

Fair Park
A 277 acre complex in the heart of Dallas, Fair Park has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the United States. Fair Park is a Dallas Landmark, a National Historic Landmark, and was designated as a Great Place in America by the American Planning Association in 2011. 

Extensive renovations for the Cotton Bowl, including façade upgrades, club seating, and press box improvements.

The Fair Park Comprehensive Development Plan builds a vision for Fair Park that seeks to create a signature public park, uphold the park’s historic legacy, support the State Fair of Texas, to encourage economic vitality, and to enhance connectivity with the community and the Metroplex.

Cotton Bowl
Signature Parks
Dallas' signature parks are regional attractions that are treasured landmarks within the City of Dallas. 

A large park on the south side of Pleasant Grove, Crawford Memorial Park is a regional attraction that will be redeveloped to serve a broader community.

The Downtown Parks Master Plan provides a new vision for downtown that provides a significant increase in the number of parks and public spaces, develops parking to support downtown activities, and develops a comprehensive transportation plan that integrates vehicles, light rail, cyclists and pedestrians.

Following a decade of transformation park building in Downtown Dallas, this update to the Downtown Parks Master Plan provides new recommendations for future park development in the city’s core.

Located just six miles west of downtown Dallas, Joey Georgusis Park is envisioned as a first class destination for the entire region, with proposed soccer facilities, other recreational facilities, and trails.

Located in the heart of Oak Cliff, Kiest Park encompasses 284 acres and features world class facilities. This 2010 master plan provides improvements to ensure that Kiest Park remains a treasure in the park system. 

Heavily used by dog lovers throughout the City of Dallas, the White Rock Lake Mockingbird Dog Park Study provides a plan for major reconstruction of the existing park that also expands the park to provide more amenities for canine and human users.

This Lighting Master Plan (LMP) develops and updates the lighting portion of DPARD’s 1994 Design Guidelines for White Rock Lake Park into a document based upon current lighting technology and dark-sky lighting considerations. The LMP addresses the visual needs of the park users, the unique historic heritage of WRLP and applicable city ordinances, all within the context of the lake’s natural environment.

Downtown Parks Master Plan (2004)
Downtown Parks Master Plan (2004)
Neighborhood Park Plans
Hillcrest Park Development Plan