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Reservation increase proposal

Facility Guidelines

Special Event Application (Español)

For building reservations, picnic reservations, and large outdoor event reservations of the various Recreation Centers, Parks, and two locations at White Rock Lake (Winfrey Point and Big Thicket), call or visit the Facility Reservation office at 214-670-8740, Monday through Friday 8:15am to 5pm. Located at 8100 Doran Circle (Flag Pole Hill).

Athletic Fields
Unlighted Fields
Lighted Fields


Recreation Centers
Room with kitchen
Gym or New Addition
Any combination of rooms

(minimum 2-hour rental per day)

White Rock Lake Buildings

(minimum 4-hour rental per day)

Winfrey Point
Resident       Non-resident       Capacity
$100/hour     $120/hour            270
$160/hour     $190/hour            270

Big Thicket

Resident       Non-resident       Capacity
$60/hour       $70/hour              50
$76/hour       $82/hour              50

Picnic Areas

(minimum 3-hour rental per day)

Community Pools (minimum 2 hour rental per day)

Wedding or Reception

(minimum 2-hour rental)
$25 per hour for outdoor weddings

Special event fee
Per participant fee

$2 (minimum of 100)

Fees vary depending on location


Special Events or Festivals
Fees range from
$50 to $10,000


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