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Off-Leash Site Rules and Regulations – all sites

(Provided by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department)

Any person who brings a dog into an off-leash site shall:

Lead the dog on a leash and retain the dog in custody when entering and exiting an off leash site in compliance with the Dallas City Code Section 32-6 and 7.29-A. Once inside the designated off leash site, the dog shall be removed from it’s leash and allowed to run free.

No person may bring into an off-leash area site a dog that is not wearing tags showing that it is currently vaccinated for rabies in compliance with Chapter 826 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 826.021, and with Chapter Seven of the Dallas City Code. If the owner, harborer or person having care, custody or control of the dog is a resident of the City of Dallas, the dog must also be registered in compliance with Chapter Seven of the Dallas City Code.

Dispose of all excreta deposited by the dog in the receptacles provided in the off-leash site, in compliance with Section 7-21.2 of the Dallas City Code.

Any instance of a bite or scratch to a person must be reported to Dallas Animal Control in accordance with Texas State Law, Chapter 826.021, THSC.

If a person commits an offense by failing to comply with any rule and/or regulation, it is punishable by a fine of up to $2000.

Dallas City Code Chapter 32, sections 32-6.1

* * * * * * * *

No fundraisers can be conducted on park property without the prior approval of the Park and Recreation Department.

Approval may be obtained by contacting the Park and Recreation Department ReservationOffice at
214-670-8239, and must be submitted a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the event.

For questions concerning the above rules and regulations, contact the Dallas Park and Recreation East Regional Office at (214) 670-8847.

For enforcement of the above rules and regulations, contact Animal Control at 311, or the Dallas Police Department at 911.

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