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MAC Assistance Form

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  2. Marketing and Communication Assistance Form

    Please use this form to inform the Marketing and Communications team of upcoming events/activities/programs that you will be hosting. Once submitted, the marketing team will then determine the appropriate channels for distribution and provide you with an outline of what marketing efforts will be made on your behalf.

  3. If it is a "virtual" event, please list the virtual meeting web address.

  4. If it is a "virtual" event, please use "virtual" as the address.

  5. If it is a "virtual" event, please use "virtual" as the Zip Code.

  6. Phone number that the public can call should they require more information.

  7. Email address for the public to use should they require more information.

  8. Please list specific registration dates and instructions. If you have a registration link, please provide that information here.

  9. Please list the names of outside organizations that should be mentioned as sponsors or partners. Please clarify if they are a partner or sponsor.

  10. What do you want the public to know about this event? What makes your event "newsworthy"? Please list 2 -3 "Key Messages"

  11. Please attach the flyer or pictures needed to promote the event. Please make sure that the attachment is in JPEG format.

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