Outdoor Adventures Programs

Postponed to 2021

After careful consideration and the current Dallas County report of record high COVID-19 daily numbers, Dallas Park and Recreation Department has determined it is in the best and safest interest of participants and staff to cancel the following programs this summer season:
 • Aquatics (does not include spraygrounds)
 • 13-Recreation Summer Camps
 • 10-Roving Recreation Camps (park site programming)
 • 12-Outdoor Adventures (program designed to introduce youth and families to kayaking, photography, geocaching and mountain biking)

Updated 7/9/2020

Summer 2020 Activities

This summer Dallas Park and Recreation Outdoor Adventures Programs will be offering a thrilling exploration of the outdoor world through a variety of adventure sports and activities for the entire family to enjoy! These FREE summer programs will begin on July 6th TBD and run weekly through Thursday, August 6th.

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Programs will be offered Monday – Thursday with multiple class times available to the community.  Class durations are 1.5 - 2 hours in length. Below is a list of the programs that will be offered:

Family Classes (Youth & at least 1 Guardian)

Fishing - Ages 5 & Up

Enjoy a fishing excursion with the family! Participants will learn the fundamentals of fishing in Texas, including how to cast a reel and if you’re lucky… how to reel in the big one!  Fishing rod and bait will be provided. *Adults fishing must have a valid fishing license.  

Bachman LakeM-Th1pm
Kidd Springs PondM-Th1pm
Kleberg Rylie PondM-Th1pm

Kayaking - TBA

Mountain Biking Adventure - Ages 8 & Up

This is a  beginner-level course which teaches participants the fundamentals of mountain biking for both adults and youth.  The course consists of skill development for the first hour followed by an exciting one-hour, dirt trail ride through the beautiful Texas woods.  Bicycles and helmets are provided. **SPECIAL NOTE: All participants must be able to confidently ride a two-wheel bicycle. This is not a “Learn to ride a bicycle” course. 

Harry Moss ParkM / W9am  & 12pm
Post Oak PreserveT / Th9am & 12pm

Nature Photography - Ages 7 & Up

The beautiful outdoors around us is deserving of being captured through the lens of a camera.  Each participant will use provided cameras and learn photography techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Contrast, Diagonal Lines, Use of Color and Framing.  Participants will be emailed a digital copy of their favorite picture taken in the session.

Campbell GreenJul 239a / 11a / 1p
ExallJul 169a / 11a / 1p
FiresideJul 7 & Jul 299a / 11a / 1p
Jaycee ZaragozaJul 15  & Aug 69a / 11a / 1p
Jul 27
9a / 11a / 1p
Lake Highlands
Jul 6 & Jul 289a / 11a / 1p
Larry JohnsonJul 14 & Aug 59a / 11a / 1p
MarcusJul 219a / 11a / 1p
Park in the WoodsJul 229a / 11a / 1p
Pleasant OaksJul 13 & Aug 49a / 11a / 1p
RidgewoodJul 8 & Jul 309a / 11a / 1p
Samuell GrandJul 209a / 11a / 1p
Tommie AllenJul 9 & Aug 39a / 11a / 1p

Youth Classes 

Fishing - Ages 6 - 12 yrs. 

Enjoy a fishing excursion! Participants will learn the fundamentals of fishing in Texas, including how to cast a reel and if you’re lucky… how to reel in the big one!  Fishing rod and bait will be provided.

Bachman LakeM-Th9am & 11am
Kidd Spring PondM - Th9am & 11am
Kleberg Rylie PondM - Th9am & 11am

Geocaching - Ages 6 - 12 yrs.

It’s a nature-based treasure hunt using modern-day technology!   Geo (world) + Cache (hidden treasure) = Geocaching!   Explore the outdoors using GPS devices to find treasures located around the park.   Each individual will be provided with a GPS device.

Campbell GreenJul 14 & Aug 59a / 11a / 1p
ExallJul 7 & Jul 299a / 11a / 1p
FiresideJul 209a / 11a / 1p
Jaycee ZaragozaJul 289a / 11a / 1p
KiestJul 15 & Aug 69a / 11a / 1p
Lake HighlandsJul 169a / 11a / 1p
Larry JohnsonJul 279a / 11a / 1p
MarcusJul 9 & Aug 39a / 11a / 1p
Park in the WoodsJul 13 & Aug 49a / 11a / 1p
Pleasant OaksJul 239a / 11a / 1p
RidgewoodJuly 219a / 11a / 1p
Samuell GrandJul 8 & Jul 309a / 11a / 1p
Tommie AllenJul 229a / 11a / 1p

Nature Exploration - Ages 6 - 12 yrs. 

Connect with nature and learn to be a better steward of nature’s resources! Participants will explore different species, learn about food webs and food chains, and create butterfly and bird feeders to help nature’s pollinators do their job!

Oak Cliff Nature PreserveTue9a / 11a / 1p
Buckeye TrailTh9a / 11a / 1p