Dallas Senior Games

This Olympics style fitness and leisure competition is for adults 50 and over, of all ability levels, and will be held March 15th - 24th. Participants will be able to compete in 10 different competitive sports and over 30 different events. 

The Dallas Senior Games is a local invitational event and does not qualify individuals to participate in the Texas State Senior Games or the National Senior Games. The 2018 Texas State Senior Games is scheduled for April 5-15, 2018 in San Antonio. For more information on the State Games, visit tsga.org/stategames or email txseniorgames@tsga.org.

2018 List of Events
Opening Ceremony

The 2018 Senior Games kicks off on March 15, at 9 a.m. with a 5K run and a 1K walk at Fair Park, followed by an Opening Ceremony at the Fair Park Food and Fiber Building at 10 a.m. The event is open to the public with vendors, entertainment, games and a host of activities.   


• Men’s & Women's 3 on 3
• Men’s & Women's Free Throw 
• Men’s & Women's Around the World  


• Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles


• 5K and 10K time trials 20K and 40K road race


• 36 Holes of Scratch Play event held over two days.
• 18 Holes of Scratch Play for athletes 85+ held over two days

Pickleball/ Indoor

• Doubles, and Mixed Doubles


• 50, 100 and 200 Backstroke, 50, 100, and 200 Breaststrokes. 50; 100; and 200 Butterfly. 50; 100; 200; and 500 Free. 100 and 200 Individual Medley

Table Tennis

• Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles competition 


• Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles 


• 50,100,200,400,800 and 1500 meter races.